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Pet Chew Toy

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Chewing or biting the rope will keep your dog busy and your home accessories safe. It is the best way to clean your pet's teeth and improve your health. Keep away from plastic and chemical odors, clean your teeth, massage your gums, reduce plaque buildup, prevent gum disease, and ensure your pet's health and safety.

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: 100% Non-toxic Cotton - when chewed helps to maintain dental hygiene by flossing the teeth and massaging the gums. Machine washable so your house stays free of harmful bacteria.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Your pet will enjoy playing while you're away. Now your sofas and other things are safe from dog chewing. It will entertain your pet and also keep your pet's teeth and gums strong.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: It is completely safe for your dog's gums. Also, it will make your dog's teeth and gums healthy and strong.

  • DURABLE NON-TOXIC: It is made with 100% cotton material which is 100 % safe, natural & durable, bite resistant & will not lose color. 
  • REDUCES ANXIETY: Helps reduce anxiety in dogs and stop them from chewing on furniture & personal belongings, satisfies dog's natural urge to chew as dogs can chew for hours.

  • PORTABLE: It is a very lightweight and small toy that you can take with you for a picnic or travelling with family or friends.


  1. Toy Type:  Balls
  2. Item Type:  Dog Toy
  3. Color:  Green
  4. Material:  Cloth Rope


1 x Funny Pet chew toy

Pet Chew Toy