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Double Head Jade Facial Massage Roller

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Jade is considered the stone of eternal youth. Metaphysically, Jade carries healing energy that brings harmony and balance. Traditionally, jade has been believed to hold healing properties and promote balance and peace for the mind and body. The jade facial roller is designed to massage the face for a cooling sensation, anti-inflammatory, and lymph draining effect.

Experience the healing touch of 100% authentic and certified natural jade stone. This beautifully designed Jade facial roller is the ideal tool to provide a gentle, effective massage for your entire face and neck area. Using a massaging jade roller often helps to release tension stored in your face. Gentle pressure and motion also promote circulation, which plumps and firm skin and gives you a glowing face.


  • HISTORY OF 1000 YEARS: Jade facial roller has a history of more than 1000s years. It is used from the ancient dynasty era. In the past, only the richest & most influential women of their time can possess such a treasure prize. It is used to enhance natural beauty. Chinese refers to jade stone as the "Stone of Heaven," representing health, wealth, longevity & prosperity.
  • STIMULATES CIRCULATION & MAINTAIN TIGHT SKIN: It is designed to improve blood circulation and promote pressure points of the body to release toxins & keep skin healthy. The device enhances circulation to open up those areas where wrinkles have started to accumulate for better skin. Improves elasticity & toning of the skin.

  • REJUVENATES & HEALS SKIN | SMOOTHS FINE LINES: It helps to improve circulation by sending beneficial energy waves through to deep tissues. Jade has the ability to naturally heal the skin to make it healthy with better circulation & the use of nutrients. It gives you enhanced beauty with more self-confidence to live life to the fullest. It also helps to shrink pores.
  • IMPROVES MOOD, CREATES POSITIVE ENERGY: Notice how much better you feel after a minute or two with a jade roller. This special crystal is known for filling people with positive energy that helps dissipate anxiety & worry while creating healing relaxation. Use regularly for consistent noticeable improvement. Free your natural beauty with a Jade roller.
  • EASY TO GRIP & USE |GIVING YOU BIG SMILE: Crafted by experienced hands and made of 100% pure Xiulan jade, this durable jade roller is designed to glide smoothly. This multi-functional beauty tool is easy to use and can be used anytime & anywhere to feel refreshing. Rolling a jade across your face releases tension & improves skin's texture for a smooth complexion.


Double Head Jade Facial Massage Roller