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Baby Teether Gloves Mitten Toy

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Baby Teething Mitten is the best solution to ease teething pain for all lovely babies. It fits comfortably over the baby's hand, allowing them to self-soothe painful and irritated gums. Its crinkle sound gains the baby's attention and entertains as a stimulating toy to keep chewing.


  • SAFE FROM SCRATCHING:  Gives mom and dad the satisfaction of knowing they are doing the right thing by using this Munch Mitt to keep teething babies safe from scratching themselves, saliva irritating their skin, and lessen the chance of developing blisters from thumb sucking.

  • REDUCES PAIN:  This mitten is chemical-free, baby-safe, all-natural, and convenient. Its approaches to pain relief caused by teething will transform a fussy baby into a smiling baby in no time and make parents feel good that they are helping their baby feel better. 
  • VERSATILE: The crinkle sound, pain relieving texture, and black, white & grey contrasting colors will stimulate learning to help your baby reach their developmental milestones sooner.

  • HIGH-QUALITY SILICON: Multiple silicone teething surfaces soothe the baby's sore gums. When the mitten is touched, it makes a crinkling sound for engaging the baby.

  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP: Mitt comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to prevent the baby from dropping it on the ground and soft, breathable fabric that absorbs drool, so you spend less money and time doing laundry. 


1x pc Mitten Toy

Baby Teether Gloves Mitten Toy